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All SpinTopSign orders are bound by the following terms:


  • There is an inherent risk of hitting (undetectable) PVC water lines during sign installation. If this occurs, we will repair the PVC lines as quickly as possible, but will not accept responsibility for the cost of any additional related expenses.


  • Installed SpinTopSigns may not be removed or reinstalled by anyone other than our staff.


  • If our post, stake, or SpinTop are damaged while at your listing, you may be charged a fee commensurate with the extent of the damage, not to exceed $200.


  • It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the existence of any HOA regulations regarding sign placement, prior to ordering your SpinTopSign install.


  • No refund will be provided to the customer if the homeowner or tenant does not allow access to the property for the purpose of sign installation.


  • No refund will be provided if, through no fault of SpinTopInstalls, we are unable to install your sign, or must remove your sign prematurely.

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