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Phoenix Installs

Welcome to SpinTopSigns - Phoenix Installs! 
We install SpinTopSigns across the Metro Phoenix area, allowing you to order real estate "For Sale" signage that truly STANDS OUT!
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What is a SpinTopSign?

The SpinTopSign isn't just a "For Sale" sign... it's a marketing tool like no other! 

The SpinTopSign:

  • Displays home images, information and other resources

  • Rotates manually and via wind power

  • Lights up at night via solar power

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I Want One! What Now?

      Create an account, and you can:

  • Order sign installs for as soon as Next Day!

  • Request install of your signboard and lockbox

  • Add-on Coming Soon and / or Sale Pending

  • Request removal at the end of your listing

  • View all of your current and previous installs

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Price: $129

  • install, removal, and sign placement for the duration of your listing


  • signboard storage and installation, if desired
  • lockbox storage and installation, if desired

NEXT LEVEL Your SpinTopSign

with these sweet add-ons!

Coming Soon SpinTop
No photos yet? No problem! We'll install a "Coming Soon" SpinTop at your listing as a placeholder until your images are ready!

* $20 add-on

Sale Pending 
When your listing goes under contract, we will replace your SpinTop with "Sale Pending" to highlight your skill as an agent!

* $20 add-on

Photo Gallery

*If the city of your desired install is not listed, reach out to us and we would be happy to discuss pricing for your request. 

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Addl. Trip Cost
Anchor Bay
Auburn Hills
Beverly Hills
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Service Areas

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SpinTop Ad Rentals

Would you like to advertise your business in a SpinTopSign?

The STAR program allows you to do just that!

Applicable businesses can purchase Ad Credits, each of which will go towards a single ad placement. When real estate agents order a SpinTopSign install, they can

choose to feature up to two ads (not from within the same industry), either selecting specific companies, or having one or both randomly autogenerated for them. Each time an ad is placed, we will send you an email notification with the address of the install. Your ad will receive the benefit of all the attention that SpinTopSigns receive! And because our SpinTops light up automatically each night, you'll get the added benefit of 3-4 more hours of advertising every single day!


  • How do I request a sign to be picked up?
    When you log into your account on and go to "My Orders," you will find a "Request Pickup" button for any signs that are currently installed.
  • How long does it take for my sign to be installed?
    On our online order form, you have the ability to select your desired install date, which can be as soon as the next day!
  • Does the sign need to be plugged in for the lights to work?
    No. Our SpinTopSigns have a solar panel lid which provides the energy needed to power the lights each night.
  • What areas do you install in?
    Refer to the "Our Service Areas" section above.
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SpinTopSigns are currently available for purchase nationwide. Order yours today!
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Purchase a SpinTopSign

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For any questions or concerns,
please contact us at:
Tel: 724-426-2196
We are currently servicing the metropolitan Phoenix area for sign rental installations. 
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